Welcome to Hack The Runway!

Hack The Runway is building expensive designer clothing in your own little space from the ground up. It is about creating a wardrobe that might be otherwise unaffordable with what is available.

Once you know how to sew, I think your outlook on the fashion and retail world changes dramatically. Your eye no longer always cares about how cute that $80 dress is — you see past the pricetag and into the seams and quality of material. You can see the labor that goes into every meticulous underarm gusset or the cheapo-a-yard material that the retailer is trying to pass off as gold.

Hack The Runway is not about forgoing quality and cheaply knocking off designers — at the end of the day, pieces are not passed off as the real thing. It’s about taking the look, learning to appreciate through doing, and making a garment your own. Some looks I’ll make by finding similar patterns from The Big Four, others will be sewn up from patterns sold by the designers themselves.

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